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The company “Pure Roots” is an online organic store that has collected the largest variety of certified innovative German products known all over the world.

Organic shop Pure Roots

Life is a gift, and the desire to live fully and harmoniously, using natural products that are useful for our health and development, is the reason we created Pure Roots. In our hectic days, we often live disconnected from nature. Pure Roots is the connection of the modern urban man in Bulgaria with organic products, organic cosmetics and organic nutritional supplements, which not only keep us in good health, but also bring pleasure when using them. Products created with attention, care and responsibility to everyone.

Our products are delivered directly manufacturers in Germany. We at Pure Roots are in daily contact with them. Our catalogs contain a full description of the origin, ingredients and properties of our products, as we believe that you should make your choice in an informed and conscious way.

The products we have chosen for you are the result of a selection of the highest quality natural and organic products, with certificates by independent international organizations such as: Ecocert, BDIH, Öko-Test, GBA, BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, COSMEBIO® Charter, Naturland, VCAPS Plus, ICADA, Sanatur Qualitäts-Garantie , SGS Institute Fresenius, Eurofins Analytics, Oncotrition, Hohenheim University, Kurz Institute, Fraunhofer (IZI) Ecocert, Öko-Test, GBA, BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, Naturland, VCAPS Plus, Sanatur Qualitäts-Garantie, Apotheke.BLOG, IFA, Bird friendly, FOS, A.B.Cert.

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