Any product that does not correspond to the one ordered by the customer in compliance with all the conditions of the order and if it is presented in a timely manner in accordance with the CPA is subject to complaint.

If upon receipt of the goods, it is damaged or torn packaging, the claim must be made upon receipt of the goods in the presence of the courier. In this case, immediately call +359897666580 or refuse to accept the goods from the courier. The complaint is certified by an entry in the consignment note by the consignee at the time of receipt of the shipment.

In case of visible damage to the consignment at the moment of its delivery, a statement of findings shall be prepared (in two identical copies), in which the ascertained condition of the consignment and its packaging shall be described. In this case, the customer can refuse to receive the shipment or take it at his own risk. In case the customer accepts such a shipment and does not submit his claims to the courier with the receipt and the responsibility for the complaint is transferred to the courier who delivered the shipment and the customer. In such circumstances, the conditions for claiming shipments of the respective courier company apply.

By filing a complaint in compliance with all the conditions of the store, as well as all applicable legal provisions, the customer can claim: refund the amount paid, or

2.To replace the goods with another, or

A person who is a third party upon receipt of the shipment and is not the main payer on it is not entitled to a complaint.

Complaints are handled after sending an e-mail to for filing a complaint with a detailed description of the reasons for the complaint.

After receiving an e-mail, Pure Roots returns a reply to the client at a valid email address. We reserve the right not to accept the client’s statement if it considers that its grounds for complaint are unfounded or is a consequence of improper use by the client.

In case it is not clear from the received e-mail about the reasons for the filed complaint, Pure Roots notifies the client about his rights in an appropriate way / phone or valid e-mail /. The customer returns the purchased product in a way convenient for him and at his expense to the office of the company.

In case of a accepted complaint, we will refund the value of the purchased goods to your personal bank account.

In case we reject the complaint, we will notify you by e-mail about the reasons for the refusal.

By reading these terms and conditions and subsequently using the online shopping store, you as a customer unconditionally agree to them.

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