Skin, hair, nails Complex (Bio), 60 Tablets


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GSE uses natural silicic acid from bamboo shoot extract for its skin, hair and nails supplement.

Selenium from mustard seed extract
Organic mustard seed extract from black mustard provides the selenium for our product. The B vitamins are obtained from guava, basil and lemon peel extract.
Only ingredients from organic farms are used for this supplement. In addition to the naturally occurring micronutrients and vitamins, the extracts contain secondary plant substances.

• helps maintain normal hair
• helps maintain normal nails

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and Niacin (Vitamin B3)
• help maintain normal skin
• help maintain normal mucous membranes

The high-quality brown glass packaging provides optimal protection for the valuable ingredients.


Nutrient                                                      Daily Amount              % NRV (**)


                                     55 µg                          100 %                           


 Vitamin B1                1,76 mg                      160 %                                


 Vitamin B2                1,60 mg                      114 %                                        


 Vitamin B3               2,72 mg                       17 %                                        

 Pantothic Acid

 Vitamin B5              3,04 mg                        51 %                                  


 Vitamin B6              1,76 mg                       126 %                                 

 Folic acid 

 Vitamin B9                  56 µg                         28 %                                


 as silicon                   70 mg                           (***)


(**) Percentage of reference quantity according to Regulation (EC) 1169/2011,

NRV = Nutrient Reference Value

(***) no reference value available

Ingredients: Maltodextrin *, bamboo shoot extract * (Bambusa arundinacea), guava extract * (Psidium guajava),

Lemon peel extract * (Citrus limon), basil leaf extract * (Ocimum sanctum), mustard seed extract * (Brassica nigra),

ground rice hulls *, carnauba wax *

* organically grown

Certification: DE-ÖKO-005

Directions: 1 x daily 1 tablet of 500 mg with enough liquid consume

Contents: 60 tablets – 30 g.

Manufacturer: GSE-Vertrieb Biologische Nahrungsergänzung & Heilmittel GmbH., Germany

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and for a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of small children.

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