Organic juice Cook Islands Noni® (Bio), 330 ml.


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Cook Islands Noni®

Not-from-concentrate juice from the Morinda citrifolia L. fruit.

Noni is the name of a South Seas fruit found throughout the entire Polynesian-Pacific region. It was the name given to the Morinda citrifolia L. plant by the original inhabitants of Polynesia and is a term that is still used today. 

It is likely that this plant (which is also referred to as the Indian Mulberry) was originally brought to the far-flung islands of the Pacific from Southeast Asia by sailors who settled there. The plant can still be found in all populated regions today, which indicates how widely dispersed it once was by people. Practically every island and every country has its own name for Noni. The plant was traditionally used as food and was prepared in a variety of ways.

Our Cook Islands Noni® is bottled by a German fruit juice company in accordance with the stringent guidelines of the EU Ecodesign Directive. The natural, gentle manufacturing method preserves as much of the components of the Noni fruit as possible and the brown glass bottles provide optimal protection for the valuable ingredients in our Noni juice.

Our Cook Islands Noni® is a 100% pure not-from-concentrate juice – a natural product which is neither manufactured from concentrate nor mixed with other fruit juices or “natural flavourings”.

 Average nutritional values in 100 ml.

 Energy:  80 kJ / 18 kcal 
 Fats:       0 g.
 Coal hydrate:      3,6 g.
 hereof sugars:      1,91 g.
 Protein:      0,51 g.
 Salt:     0,003 g.


Ingredients: Noni juice (100% juice from the fruit Morinda citrifolia L.) from organic farming

Certification: DE-ÖKO-005

30 ml, preferably 30 minutes before a meal, pure or mixed with other juices.
Shake before consumption. Keep cool after dawn and consume quickly.

Contents: 330 ml.

Manufacturer: GSE-Vertrieb Biologische Nahrungsergänzung & Heilmittel GmbH., Germany

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and for a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of small children.


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