Organic beetroot concentrate – Betanio PLUS, 300 ml.


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Betanio Plus is a 100% pure, fermented organic beet concentrate from an old and very rich variety. The healthy ingredients of the strong red-violet beetroot are present in Betanio Plus in a highly concentrated and bioactive form. This makes the delicious product an ideal supplement for people who want to eat very naturally and healthily.

Balanced and in optimal ratio N/O* 8:1

Best possible nitrate values (146.3 mg) with maximum oxalic acid reduction. 46 times less oxalic acid than the equivalent amount (106 g) of fresh beets.

*Analysis 2022

Betanio Plus:

✓ 100% natural organic beet essence from old varieties, rich in valuable ingredients

✓ A product rich in phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals

✓ With a triple synergistic complex of betaine, betanin and plant-specific nitrate

✓ With an optimal nitrate-oxalic acid ratio

✓ Gently fermented with a pleasant taste and good tolerance

✓ No added sugar, additives and genetic engineering

✓ Gluten and GMO free

Ingredients: Organic beet concentrate, controlled fermentation

Recommended daily intake: Dilute one tablespoon per day (10 ml.) in 300 ml. still water or juice. Do not take undiluted.

Storage: After opening, store in a cool, dry place, preferably in the refrigerator. Consume within 8 weeks.

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