CitroPlus® 800 (Bio), 50 ml.


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Organic Grapefruit-Seed-Extract

CitroPlus® organic grapefruit seed extract is a dietary supplement containing bioflavonoids extracted from grapefruit. CitroPlus® is manufactured from fruit grown on organic farms. The key ingredients are secondary plant substances and flavonoids such as naringin, isonaringin and neohesperidin, dissolved in plant-based organic glycerine. CitroPlus® is standardised on the percentage of bioflavonoids extracted from grapefruit. The flavonoid content amounts to 800 mg/100 ml.

Like vitamins, flavonoids are involved in many of the body’s metabolic processes. As protective substances, they should be absorbed in sufficient quantities through a healthy and balanced diet. If you require additional quantities, we recommend adding nutrients in the form of a dietary supplement to give your body extra support.

Contributes to:

  • For the normal functioning of the immune system.
  • To protect cells from oxidative stress and for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Strengthens the body’s natural defenses.

CitroPlus® is free from benzethonium chloride, organochlorine and organophosphate pesticides.

The high-quality brown glass packaging provides optimal protection for the valuable ingredients.

       Nutrient                                                                               Daily amount                                % NRV (**)


 19,5 mg                           (***)

 Vitamin C

  73 mg                              91 %

(**) Percentage of reference quantity after VO(EG) 1169/2011,
NRV = Nutrient Reference Value
(***) no reference value available

Ingredients: Glycerol-containing * extract of grapefruit seeds * and peels * (84%), water
Antioxidant: ascorbic acid

* organically grown

The glycerine used is not made from palm oil.

Certification: DE-ÖKO-005

Recommended intake: 3 x daily 15 drops (15 drops = 0.8 ml) with enough liquid consume
Shake before use.
Consume after onset within 6 months.

Contents: 50 ml.

Manufacturer: GSE-Vertrieb Biologische Nahrungsergänzung & Heilmittel GmbH., Germany

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
Nutrient supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and diversified diet.
Keep out of reach of small children.


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