Biotin Compact (Bio), 120 Tablets


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For the product “biotin compact” GSE uses natural biotin from organic basil leaf powder. Basil was cultivated on the Indian subcontinent around 1000 BC as a plant for seasoning, medicinal and ornamental purposes. The pleasant-smelling aromatic plant is one of the most beloved herbs in the kitchen.

Biotin – also known as vitamin B7, or less often as vitamin H – is a water-soluble vitamin and is involved in numerous metabolic processes in organisms, such as in the processing of fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins. In addition, it helps maintain the normal functioning of the energy metabolism and the nervous system as well as normal psychological functioning. The “beauty vitamin” is known above all for its contribution to maintaining normal hair and skin. 

Animal-based foods are particularly rich in biotin, including egg yolks, liver, kidneys and lean meat. But even foods such as soya beans, nuts and wheat germ contain biotin. Because the human body cannot generate biotin on its own and it is not stored in the body for very long, biotin should be regularly consumed. If a person does not get enough biotin in their normal diet, it is recommendable to supplement it in the form of high-quality nutritional supplements.

The high-quality brown glass packaging provides optimal protection for the valuable ingredients.


Nutrient                     Daily Amount                 % NRV (*)

 Biotin   100 µg                          200   


(*) percentage of reference quantity according to Regulation (EU) N° 1169/2011, NRV = Nutrient Reference Value


  • helps maintain normal hair 
  • helps maintain normal skin 
  • helps maintain normal mucous membranes 
  • helps maintain normal energy metabolism 
  • helps the normal functioning of the nervous system 
  • helps ensure normal metabolism of macronutrients
  • helps maintain normal physical function

Ingredients: Maltodextrin*, Basilikumblattpulver*, (Ocimum basilicum), Carnaubawachs*

*From organic agriculture (DE-ÖKO-005)

Certification: DE-ÖKO-005

Directions: 2 times daily 1 tablet à 280 mg with sufficient water

Contents: 120 tablets – 34 g.

Manufacturer: GSE-Vertrieb Biologische Nahrungsergänzung & Heilmittel GmbH., Germany

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and for a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of small children.

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