Why ICADA organic and natural cosmetics?

Excellent quality label.
Only for companies offering authentic natural and organic cosmetics.
Company history and product philosophy must be focused on nature.
Organic and natural cosmetics companies are recognized by the ICADA label.
International, ethical, organic and natural.
The certificate does not need an explanation such as stars, degrees, organic or natural classes or other assessment methods.
Transparency, openness and honesty: All rules can be read on the Internet at an international level.
Driven by ethical points of view.
Continuous improvement of the latest knowledge from research, dermatology, research of natural and organic ingredients in cosmetics and others.

The ICADA mark is deliberately strict:

80% of the products must comply with ICADA after the transition period.
Only authentic companies for natural and organic cosmetics are recognized by ICADA. Imitators who select raw materials from the positive list and mix them in the so-called “natural cosmetics” formula are not recognized with the “natural cosmetics” mark by ICADA.
ICADA is dedicated to qualified bio / organic trade, which provides special competence and environmentally friendly philosophy for consumer education and increasing sales of organic and natural cosmetics.

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