BDIH is a non-profit association of manufacturers and companies for the sale of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, food supplements and personal care products ( ).
The association is located in Mannheim, Germany and organizes over 440 manufacturers and distributors of:

cosmetics and natural cosmetics • food supplements
controlled medicinal products
medical devices

In 1996, working with leading manufacturers of natural cosmetics, BDIH developed detailed guidelines for the certification of natural cosmetics, taking into account consumer expectations. Based on these guidelines, an independent institute has tested more than 2,000 products for their content and production methods.
Certified natural cosmetics
The products of natural cosmetics are used to beautify and care for the human body with the help of ingredients from nature. This is possible thanks to natural raw materials aimed at both the skin and the environment. Natural cosmetics should stimulate and support the natural functions of our skin, instead of replacing them with physiological processes. These products offer gentle and healthy care and thus are an important aid to skin health at any age.
Natural cosmetics revive and harmonize the body and soul.
The creators of BDIH-Certified Natural Cosmetics products use natural raw materials such as vegetable oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts and essential oils and aromatic materials resulting from controlled organic farming or controlled organic wild products collected from nature. In addition to the careful selection of raw materials, the environmental impact of each product also plays an important role.

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